Alexis Becker

Alexis Becker
Collegiate Assistant Professor, Humanities Core: Readings in World Literature
  • Department of English
  • The College
Gates-Blake 331
Alexis Kellner Becker is a medieval literary historian with particular interest in the environment, labor, and the history of the book. Her research focuses on the material, environmental, and economic underpinnings of medieval literary production. Her doctoral dissertation, “Practical Georgics: Managing the Land in Medieval Britain,” explored how medieval British land management and medieval British textual culture were mutually constitutive and inseparable. In addition to working her dissertation into a book, she is beginning two new projects. One is on the theology and politics of the Middle English use of the words labour and travaille to mean both agricultural labor and childbirth, and the other is on how medieval writers and nineteenth-century medievalists thought about the relationship between narrative and the physical form of books. She is also currently translating medieval Latin poetry about labor relations into English, and she is always trying to figure out how medieval forms of meaning-making can help us understand our own world. She received her Ph.D. in English from Harvard University in 2015.