Asian American Literature

Srikanth (Chicu) Reddy

Srikanth ReddyI am a poet and scholar working at the intersection of creative and critical practice in the humanities.  In addition to teaching in the Department of English and the Program in Creative Writing, I also work closely with the university's Program in Poetry and Poetics--an interdisciplinary collective of scholars, poets, and translators who work on poetry across a diversity of regions, historical periods, and theoretical approaches.  If you are interested in learning more about Poetry and Poetics at Chicago—including our new curricular option within the university’s MAPH program—please visit the program’s website at

Richard Jean So

Richard So
I work mainly on modern American culture and literature, focusing on questions of race and internationalism.  I also do research on Republican-era (1919-1950) Chinese culture, within a Transpacific context in particular.  Methodologically, I initially trained as a cultural historian and literary critic.  Recently, I’ve shifted to computational and quantitative methods (the “digital humanities”), retraining in computer science and statistics.  My recent work leverages large digitized corpora, combining computational and critical methods, to write new histories of 20th century U.S. culture.

Vu Tran

I am a fiction writer whose work thus far is preoccupied with the legacy of the Vietnam War for the Vietnamese who remained in the homeland, the Vietnamese who immigrated to America, and the Americans whose lives have intersected with both.  I write with an awareness of American postcolonial narratives, particularly in the context of cultural identity. 
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