Current Graduate Students

Name Field Dissertation
Stephanie Anderson 20th-Century American Poetry and Poetics; History of the Book (Small Press Publishing)

Dating the Poem, 1930-80: Toward a Calendrical Poetics

Jose Arellano Late 19th- to mid-20th- century American and African American Literature; Social Movement Theory; Literary Theory
Hadji Bakara 20th century literature, the global cold war, the 1960s, the new left and countercultures, history of science, history of medicine, psychiatry and anti-psychiatry, literature and war
Jason Bartulis Art, Mind, Religion, and Politics--in that order. (Order subject to change.)

A Secular Form of Life: Art and Criticism, 1933-2011

James Bassett History of the Book; Occasional Literature; Poetics; Gender and Sexuality

American Poetics and the Crisis of Millennialism: 1861-1876

Rowan Bayne 20th-Century American Literature; Gender and Sexuality; Political Theory
Ingrid Becker Poetry and Poetics
Joseph Bitney 19th-Century American Literature; African American Literature
Jeffrey Boggs 19th-Century American Literature; Henry James

The American Translation

Matthew Boulette 18th-19th Century Transatlantic Literature
Beatrice Bradley Early Modern Literature
Hannah Brooks-Motl 20th Century Poetry and Poetics
Dustin Brown 19th-Century British Literature and Culture; Marxism; Psychoanalysis

Ambivalent Subjects: Disinterest, Affect, and the Psychological Body of Late Victorian Literature

Vinh Cam Poststructuralism & Queer Theory
Oscar Chavez Modern/Postmodern American Literature
Darrel Chia Postcolonial Literature and Theory, 19th- and early 20th- Century American Cultural History, Global America

Strange Friends: Intimate Diplomacy in the Age of New Imperialism (1865-1914) and the Extension of International Law

Hannah Christensen Medieval Literature
Michael Dango 20th Century and Contemporary Literature; Queer Studies; Aesthetics; History of Literary Theory; Systems Theory
Amanda Davis Late-19th- and 20th-Century Literature; Architecture; Representation; Posthumanism
Timothy DeMay Transatlantic modernism
David Diamond Restoration and 18th-Century British literature

Credible Typologies: Calvinist Theology, Commerce, and the Early English Novel, 1660-1750

Sean Ellis Dotson Comics studies; Visual studies
James Duesterberg Modern and Postmodern Literature; Contemporary Film; Aesthetics and Affect; Critical Theory
Margaret Fink 20th-Century American Literature; Graphic Narrative (especially Alternative Comics); Ordinariness and Everyday Life; Disability Studies
Katia Fowler 17th-Century British Literature; Textual Criticism; Early Modern Women Writers
Philip Goldfarb Renaissance Literature

Local Habitations: Settings and Politics in Shakespeare's Plays

Michael Hansen Eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British literature; aesthetics

Sensation Poetry and Social Imagination: 1818–1832

Jacob Oren Harris Modernism
Caroline Marie Heller Romantic Literature
Bill Hutchison Victorian Literature
Javier Ibanez Renaissance Literature; Romantic Literature
Andrew Inchiosa Late-18th- and 19th-Century American Literature; Histories of the Senses; Law and Literature
Lauren Jackson African-American Literature
Alexander Jacobs 19th-Century American literature and poetry
Christopher Kempf Working-class poetics
Kristian Kerr 18th- and 19th-Century British Literature; History and Theory of the Novel; Reception of Classical Literature

Novel Classicism: British Historiography and the Empire of Prose

Kevin Kimura Postcolonial Literature and Theory; Minority Studies
Katherine Krywokulski Colonial, 18th, and 19th century American literature; the transatlantic Enlightenment; Anglo-American religious history
Sarah Kunjummen 16th and 17th century British literature; Religion and Literature; Poetry and Poetics; Early Modern Letters and Letter-Writing
Rachel Kyne Modernism; Renaissance; the history of lyric; poetics; aesthetic theories; visual arts and the historicity of vision; the city; photography; political subjectivities; sovereignty
Peter Lido 20th-Century Literature; Postwar American Literature; Late Classical Hollywood; Political Theory; Regionalisms and Style; Gender Studies
Abigail Marcus Early Modern English Poetry; Religion and Literature; Poetry and Poetics; the Early Modern Body
Steven Maye 20th Century Poetry and Poetics
Peter McDonald Game studies; 20th Century North American literature; Post-modernity; Cultural studies; Marxism
Maxime (Max) McKenna Modern Literature
Michelle Menzies 20th-Century Aesthetics; Critical Social Theory; Classical Film Theory; Modern and Postwar American Poetics; Early Cinema; Experimental Film; Photography; Contemporary Art; New Media Theory; Digital Aesthetics

Archives of Experience: Toward a Digital Aesthetics

Carmen Merport 20th-Century American Literature; Aesthetic Theory; Literature and Visual Art
Mathias Mietzelfeld Victorian Literature
Andres Millan Modernism and Medieval Literature
Jose-Luis Moctezuma Victorian Literature; Poetry and Image
Patrick Morrissey Poetry and Poetics; Modernism; Aesthetics
Kevin Murphy Medieval Literature
Emily Joanna Nixon Early modern literature; History of science
Caryn O'Connell Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-century British Literature; Poetry and Poetics; The History of Science, Medicine, and Technology; Intellectual History; History of the Book

Vegetal Life from Bacon to Milton: Incarnate Science

Rebecca Oh Postcolonial Literature/Theory; Global Anglophone Literature; Feminist Theory; Human Rights; Nationalism/Nation-State; Intersections of the Literary, Political, and Juridical.
Nell Pach Modernist Fiction; 20th-century British and Irish Literature; Magical Realism; Drama; Feminist Theory
Jennifer Yida Pan Victorian literature
Stephen Pannuto Romanticism; Critical and Aesthetic Theory
Andrew Peart 20th- and 21st-Century Anglo-American Poetry and Poetics; Poetry and the Visual Arts; Critical Theory; New Media and Digital Aesthetics
Cassidy Picken Philosophy and Aesthetics; Friendship; Legacies of Romanticism; Theories of the Novel; Marxism
Emily Ponder 19th-Century British Literature; Non-Standard Language in Literature; Film Studies

Nineteenth-Century Slang

Eric Powell 20th Century Anglo-American Poetry and Poetics; Semiotics; Materialism and Materiality; Marxist Aesthetics; Phenomenology; Animality.
Aleks Prigozhin 19th- and 20th-Century British Novel, theory and history of realism, theories of affect

The Arrival of the World: Immediation-Effects and the Modernist British Novel

Martin Rayburn Modern; Postmodern American Literature
Sam Rowe 18th-Century Literature; the History of Reading; the Novel; Literary Theory; late-20th-Century and contemporary visual, sound, and conceptual poetries
Geronimo Sarmiento Cruz Poetry & Poetics
Lauren Schachter Romantic Literature; History of Lyric Forms
Jonathan Schroeder American literature, affect theory, genre theory, history of science, history of medicine, historical epistemology, digital humanities.

Nostalgia before Nostalgia: Medical Realism and the Emergence of Historical Emotion.

Tristan Schweiger British Romanticism and the 18th Century; Nationalism; Empire; Modern Economics

Planters, Mariners, Nabobs, and Squires: Masculine Typology and Imperial Ideology, 1719-1818

Sophia Sherry Anglophone and Francophone Modernism; Transnationalism; Critical Theory; Historicism, Memory, and Trauma; Literature and Philosophy; Psychoanalysis
Amanda Shubert The Victorian Novel and Literary Culture; Fin-de-Si├Ęcle Modernism; Modern Drama; Realism; Photography and Proto-Cinematic Technologies; Visual Culture
Matthew Sims 20th-Century American and British Literature; Urban Studies; Critical Theory
Michelle Skinner Early American Literature
Amanda Swain 20th and 21st century American Literature; Literature and Ethics; Post-Millennial American Culture; Media Studies
Carrie Anne Taylor Romantic literature; Material culture
Suzanne Taylor 18th-Century Literature & Moral Philosophy

Character, Action, Virtue

Jean-Thomas Tremblay 20th Century Theory
Brandon William Truett Modernism
Allison Turner Eighteenth-Century British Literature
Megan Tusler 20th Century American Literature and Photography; the American City; Citizenship, Sovereignty, and Indigeneity

American Snapshot: Urban Realism from New Deal to Great Society

Dana Elizabeth Fromson Walters Modernism
Joshua Weiss Transatlantic Modernism; Psychoanalysis; Queer Theory; Theology; Film; Science Fiction; Comic Books

Modernist Ecstasy: Religion, Sexuality, Faith

Chalcedony Wilding Poetry and Poetics; Theories of the Sublime
Sophia Withers 20th-Century British and Irish Literature; Modernism; Early Cinema
David Womble 18th- and 19th-century British Novel Culture
Andrew Yale 19th-Century American Literature; Experimental Film; Politics of Intellectual and Other Sorts of Labor

Accreting History in the American Twentieth Century

Shirl Yang 19th-Century British Novel