Hannah M. Christensen



Research Interests: 

Medieval Literature; Middle English Romance; Medieval​ ​History; The Fantastic; Gender Studies; Affect Theory

Dissertation Title: 

"Fantastic Worlds: The Work of Affect in Middle​ ​English Romance"


The Medieval Studies workshop and the Metaphor workshop,​ ​occasionally


Hannah Christensen is a PhD candidate with a focus on medieval English literature. Her dissertation investigates Middle English romance through the lens of fantasy, gender studies, and affect theory, and she is the recipient of a Williams Dissertation-Year Fellowship​.
​She received her BA in English and Art History from Swarthmore College in 2009.

Teaching Experience: 

Lecturer in "Revising the Romance" (Fall 2016) and "Monsters and Men: Difference and Fear in Medieval England" (Spring 2015); BA Preceptor for 2016-2017 school year; TA for "Shakespeare I: Histories and Comedies," "King Arthur in Legend and History," and "Medieval English Literature."