Jordan Pruett


Research Interests: 

20th and 21st century American literature; game studies; the politics of aesthetics; postmodernity; Marxism; value-form analysis; information and facticity.


Working at the intersection of aesthetics and political economy, I study what might be called the “aesthetics of information,” or the ways that 20th/21st century art and culture index subjects’ affective relationship to information, facts, data, and the systems of their transmission. Although we might imagine information as opposed to the aesthetic (the “cold, hard facts”), for writers, filmmakers, and new media artists working during this information-driven period of late capitalism—a historical moment in which a growing proportion of labor is immaterial “knowledge work”—the aesthetic dimensions of information are far more complex. My work on this topic spans across media, addressing objects as diverse as detective fiction, puzzle games, media hoaxes, the so-called “encyclopedic novel,” and game shows like Family Feud.

  • BA English Literature, University of Utah, 2015