After the BA

“I'm currently an English teacher in the Bronx at a public district high school, working through Blue Engine. Next year I'll be teaching Bilingual Special Education at a district school through NYC Teaching Fellows. Communication and interpersonal skills are crucial every single day at my job, as I am a part of multiple teams. This requires sending daily emails and being able to give and receive feedback digitally and in person. I am also a leader in front of small groups of students every day and need to break down complex processes into simple concepts. All of these things require the ability to express myself clearly and effectively, something I practiced everyday in English class at UChicago simply by raising my hand and speaking."

Michael Lipkowitz
High School Teacher

Undergraduate Careers

An English BA from at the University of Chicago opens up a variety of professional opportunities. Many of our graduates go on to study in prestigious graduate programs, in everything from English to law and medicine. Other English BAs use the linguistic, writing, and critical skills they have honed as undergraduates at Chicago to land jobs in fields like education, journalism, new media, publishing, public relations, technical writing, consulting, and advertising, among others. Recent graduates work everywhere from Basic Books to Google and from the Chicago Public Schools to the U.S. Department of Treasury.

Career Advancement (CA) is an university office that offers a variety of services, programs, and resources to help students prepare for entering the job market. The office strives to provide job and internship opportunities in a variety of fields and to promote University of Chicago talent to a wide range of employers and institutions. CA has also worked with students, alumni, parents, and employers to build, maintain, and access the University of Chicago's dynamic global employment network.

The Department maintains a close relationship with Career Advancement, primarily through the PRISM program. PRISM stands for Planning Resources and Involvement for Students in the Majors. The Director of Undergraduate Studies, the Undergraduate Program Assistant, and the English graduate student PRISM preceptor work with a liasion from Career Advancement to organize several  events each year that seek to get students involved in the major and thinking ahead about their career goals. The PRISM preceptor is also available to meet one-on-one with students preparing materials for graduate school, grant, and job applications. Additionally, PRISM offers two grants of its own: the PRISM Research Grant and the Seidel Scholars PRISM Grant. English majors have had much success applying for these grants in the past.

The 2018-19 PRISM Preceptor is Bill Hutchison.