Honors, Awards, and Grants


Honors photo.


Students in the Department of English who have a strong undergraduate record in the Department and who complete an approved BA Project graduate with Departmental Honors. To be eligible for honors, a student's BA Project must be judged to be of the highest quality by the graduate student preceptor, faculty advisor, and Director of Undergraduate Studies. Honors recommendations are made to the Master of the Humanities Collegiate Division by the department and it is the Master of the Humanities Collegiate Division who makes the final decision.

A list of recent BA projects is available here.


The Janel Mueller Undergraduate Thesis Prize (formerly known as the Napier Wilt Prize) is awarded to the undergraduates in English who complete the finest BA Projects; it is often divided to reward the finest Creative Projects as well as the finest Critical Projects.

A list of recent winners is available here.

The 2015-2016 recipients of the Janel Mueller Undergraduate Thesis Prize are:
  • Joshua Harris, A Pound of Flesh: Directorial Cutting Practices in Performance Texts of Macbeth
  • Hannah Shea, Keyways
  • Kayleigh Voss, Epistolary Consciousness: Unrecognized Complexities in The History of Sir Charles Grandison
  • Willa Zhang, Internal Geography

The Dunn Research Prize is designed to contribute towards living expenses of rising fourth-year students as they work on a major piece of writing or research, such as a BA Project. Applications, which consist of a proposal and letter of support from a faculty member, are due early in Spring Quarter. Funds must be used in the summer following the winner’s third year in the college. Students who are awarded this prize will be expected to send the Director of Undergraduate studies a short report (1-2 pages) about their work by the beginning of the third week in Fall Quarter. For questions about the Dunn Research Prize, please contact the Undergraduate Program Assistant. 

The 2015-2016 recipients of the Dunn Research Prize are:
  • Kathleen Cole
  • Natalie Richardson
  • Kristin Zodrow


The College Center for Scholarly Advancement (CCSA) supports current undergraduates by providing information and guidance about nationally competitive funding opportunities. Students are encouraged to use the searchable opportunities database to browse available scholarships, fellowships and post-graduate opportunities. You can also subscribe to the CCSA Listserv to receive regular information on upcoming information sessions, relevant opportunities and deadlines.

PRISM Grants

There are a number of grants available to English majors through other programs across the University, but the English department especially encourages students to apply for grants offered through Career Advancement's PRISM program:

  • PRISM Research Grants offer undergraduate students the funding to develop independent academic research projects. Students must develop a research proposal, which stresses not only the personal interest of the student, but how the project is linked to their academic and career interests.

  • The Seidel Scholars PRISM Grant gives three students the opportunity to spend 8-10 weeks during the summer exploring how they can connect their academic passions with a professional occupation. The three students selected as Seidel Scholars will each receive a $4000 stipend for a career-related, individual project.

A graduate student preceptor is available to meet with students one-on-one to discuss grant applications, graduate school, and other career-related questions or projects. The 2015-2016 PRISM Preceptor in English is Kevin Kimura (kevkimura[at]uchicago[dot]edu.