Affiliated Journals

Department of English faculty and students edit and produce a variety of journals.

Critical Inquiry Cover

Critical Inquiry has published the best critical thought in the arts and humanities since 1974, presenting articles by eminent critics, scholars, and artists on a wide variety of issues central to contemporary criticism and culture. Cofounded by faculty members of the Department of English, including Sheldon Sacks and Wayne Booth, the journal currently has English faculty member W. J. T. Mitchell as its editor and English faculty members Lauren Berlant, Bill Brown, Frances Ferguson, Elizabeth Helsinger and Patrick Jagoda as its coeditors. Many English graduate students have worked on the Critical Inquiry staff over the years as well.

Modern Philology Cover

Modern Philology, formed in 1903, is one of the oldest journals of modern literary scholarship. This journal is unusual in that it is not dedicated to one field in literature (a chronological period) or to the literature of one country or language. But despite its wide range and reach (or perhaps because of this) Modern Philology has always been edited by professors in the Department of English; currently, Frances Ferguson and incoming associate professor, Ellen MacKay, serve as co-editors. The journal publishes all sorts of high-quality literary studies, from the most "traditional" (source studies, etc.) to the most "advanced" (theoretically motivated essays, etc.).

Chicago Review Cover

Chicago Review is a literary magazine founded in 1946 and based at the University of Chicago. It is a premier venue for innovative poetry, fiction, essays, and literary criticism. Recent issues have focused on Ed Dorn, Louis Zukofsky, Christopher Middleton, Lisa Robertson, contemporary British poetry, and Barbara Guest. The magazine is run by graduate students from across the disciplines, including many from the Department of English.

Euphony Cover

Euphony is a student-run biannual literary journal at the University of Chicago that publishes poetry and prose from writers in the University community and around the country, both accomplished and aspiring.

Sliced Bread, another student publication, is a magazine devoted to bringing together the odds and ends of our frenetic world. It publishes not only short and long fiction, poetry, and prose, but also more non-traditional genres usually seen in literary magazines, like creative non-fiction, cultural commentary and opinions, travel writing, photography, and all forms of artistic renditions.

There is a lively literary scene at the University of Chicago. See the Creative Writing Website for more information on campus literary life and publications.