Annual Graduate Student Conference

In recent years, the graduate students in the Department of English have held an autumn conference. Students organize the entire conference. A student committee decides on the conference topic, invites the keynote speaker, selects the papers for the conference, and runs the conference itself. Past conferences have included Visiting and Revisiting: Literature as a Special Form of Knowledge (2006), The Elements of Style (2007), Strange Reading: Practice, Audience, Theory (2008), Captive Senses and Aesthetic Habits (2009), Communicating Forms: Aesthetics, Relationality, Collaboration (2010), Exile on Main Street: Fascism, Emigration, and the European Imagination in America (2011), States of Suspension: Politics and Histories, Aesthetics and Affects (2012), Whole Worlds: Systems of Affect, Capital, Aesthetics (2013), Concussions, Commotions, and Other Aesthetic Disorders (2014), and Words Unofficial: Gossip, Circulation, Mediation (2015).

This year's conference, entitled Not Reading, will be held November 2-3, 2017.