Amanda Swain


Research Interests: 

20th and 21st century American Literature; Literature and Ethics; Post-Millennial American Culture; Media Studies

Graduation Year: 


Dissertation Title: 

"Inventing the Personal: Ethics, Aesthetics and Psychology in the American Long Sixties" (provisional)


American Cultures, Post-45


I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2009 with a BA in English and Political Science. My dissertation traces a history of being 'personal' through the long sixties in the U.S. My particular focus is how the concept of the personal was indexed by social and political projects committed to locating modes of ethical being and relation. The project thus interfaces with the endeavors of Dwight Macdonald and the politics magazine cohort, the practicable personalism of Dorothy Day and Martin Luther King Jr., sociological and psychological studies of the New Left's moral temperament, and fictions of early second-wave feminism. In addition to this work, I am invested in literacy, the pedagogy of good writing, and speaking Italian as often as possible

Teaching Experience: 

Introduction to Short Fiction: The Short Story (CA); Joyce's Ulysses: An Introduction (CA); History and Theory of Drama II (CA); Spirits, Spies, Swindlers, and Sleuths: The Ethics of Mystery and Suspense in U.S. Literature