Philip Goldfarb Styrt


Research Interests: 

Renaissance Literature

Graduation Year: 


Dissertation Title: 

"Local Habitations: Settings and Politics in Shakespeare's Plays"


Renaissance and Early Modern workshops


"Jonson's Renaissance Romans: Classical Adaptation in Sejanus" forthcoming in Interdisciplinary Humanities, Fall 2014. 


Philip Goldfarb is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of English at the University of Chicago with a specialization in Renaissance history and literature. His research and pedagogical interests include historicism and the historical imagination within the Renaissance, the history and theory of Renaissance drama, and the influence of classical and Christian political and historical thought on English literature. He is currently completing a dissertation on the importance of settings to Shakespeare’s plays, using evidence about Renaissance historical perspectives to argue that Shakespeare made use of the available historical evidence about the political systems in operation in the plays’ settings.

Teaching Experience: 

ENGL 16910: The English Renaissance in Context (Spring 2014) and ENGL 20131 A London Of One's Own: Many Cities, One Place.