Stephanie Anderson


Research Interests: 

20th-Century American Poetry and Poetics; History of the Book (Small Press Publishing)

Graduation Year: 


Dissertation Title: 

"Dating the Poem, 1930-80: Toward a Calendrical Poetics"


Poetry & Poetics Workshop


  • Essay on 1960s New York little magazines,, April 2015
  • Introduction to and editor of “Robert Creeley and Larry Eigner, Selected Correspondence (July – September 1950),” Chicago Review 58:2, Summer 2014
  • Note “Postcard Poems in the Archive” published at the Dodd Research Center’s Special Collections and Archives Blog, September 30, 2013)
  • “Alice Notley & CHICAGO Magazine: Editing &/or Curating Location,” Mimeo Mimeo Issue 5, Autumn 2011
  • Interviews with women small press publishers (from a manuscript-in-progress) have appeared or are forthcoming in The Conversant (Alice Notley, Joanne Kyger, and C.D. Wright, 2014), Coldfront (Bernadette Mayer, 2014), and Chicago Review (Margaret Randall, Maureen Owen, and Hettie Jones, 2015)
  • Poems have been published or are forthcoming in many literary magazines and anthologies, including 6x6, American Letters & Commentary, Boston Review, Denver Quarterly, Lana Turner, Tin House, and elsewhere. For a complete listing of chapbooks and individual poem publications, please see


Stephanie Anderson is the author of two books of poetry, In the Key of Those Who Can No Longer Organize Their Environments (Horse Less Press) and Variants on Binding (forthcoming, National Poetry Reveiw Press) as well as several chapbooks. She is a former coordinator of the Poetry & Poetics workshop, a former poetry editor of the Chicago Review, and she currently edits the micropress Projective Industries. She earned her BA from the University of Chicago in 2003 and her MFA from Columbia University in 2006. Her awards and honors include a Mellon Foundation B-Side Modernism/Raymond Danowski Poetry Library Fellowship from, an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Dissertation-Year Fellowship from the University of Chicago, and a Sigmund Strochlitz Travel Grant from the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center.

Teaching Experience: 

"Writing the Poetic Everyday,"
"Poetry Chapbooks: Text and Texture,"
"The Little Magazine and the Little Book, 1912-2012"

"Introduction to Poetry"

Writing Intern
"Media Aesthetics"
"Human Being and Citizen"

BA Preceptor Adjunct Instructor
"Composition II" (Yeshiva University)
"Composition" (The Metropolitan College of New York)