Tristan Schweiger


Research Interests: 

British Romanticism and the 18th Century; Nationalism; Empire; Modern Economics

Graduation Year: 


Dissertation Title: 

"Planters, Mariners, Nabobs, and Squires: Masculine Typology and Imperial Ideology, 1719-1818"


Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Cultures Workshop


Tristan Schweiger received his BA from the University of Pennsylvania in 2003 and an MS in Journalism from Columbia University in 2004. Prior starting graduate school at Chicago, he was a newspaper reporter for several years.

Teaching Experience: 

BA Preceptor; Lecturer, "Libertines, fops, and men of feeling: Masculinity in the Long Eighteenth C"; Course Assistant, "Representing Poverty," "Shakespeare: The 1590s (Comedies and Histories)," "History and Theory of Drama 2"