Abigail Marcus



Research Interests: 

16th-and 17th-century English literature and culture; poetry and poetics; devotional writing; biblical exegesis; the English Reformation and Counter-Reformation; rhetoric; the history of science; the history of emotions and embodiment; intellectual history; history of the book; Shakespeare

Dissertation Title: 

“Holy Boldness: Expostulation and Encounter in Donne, Herbert and Vaughan”


Renaissance Workshop, Poetry and Poetics Workshop


B.A., Barnard College, 2009; M.Phil., (Renaissance Literature) Cambridge, 2010. Abigail Marcus studies sixteenth and seventeenth century literature, with a focus on poetry and how it relates to religious writing and biblical exegesis. Other scholarly interests include the history of poetics, the history of medicine, emotions and the body, the book of Job, and nighttime. Her dissertation, Holy Boldness, explores the poetics of argument and intimacy by examining how early modern writers reinterpreted the theological and rhetorical limits of confronting God through devotional verse.

Teaching Experience: 

- Creative Writing Preceptor (Winter – Spring 2017), Committee on Creative Writing.
- Writing Intern, “Psychoanalytic Fictions” (Spring 2016), Humanities Core.
- Writing Intern, “Readings in World Literature” (2015 –2016), Humanities Core.
- Lecturer, “Unsettling Metaphysical Poetry” (Spring 2015), English Department.
- Course Assistant, “The Canterbury Tales” (Spring 2014), English Department.
- Course Assistant, “History and Theory of Drama I” (Fall 2012), English Department.
- Course Assistant, “Shakespeare I: Tragedies and Romances” (Winter 2012), English Department.