Hannah M. Christensen



Research Interests: 

Medieval Literature; Middle English Romance; Medieval​ ​History; The Fantastic; Gender Studies; Affect Theory

Dissertation Title: 

"Fantastic Worlds: The Work of Affect in Middle​ ​English Romance"


The Medieval Studies workshop and the Metaphor workshop,​ ​occasionally


Hannah M. Christensen, review of Truth of My Songs: Poems of the Trobairitz, trans. Claudia Keelan, Chicago Review 59 (Summer/Autumn 2015): 165-69.

Hannah M. Christensen, "Affect and the Limits of Form in Sir Amadace," Exemplaria 29 (June 2017): 99-117.


Hannah Christensen is a PhD candidate with a focus on medieval English literature. Her dissertation investigates Middle English romance through the lens of fantasy, gender studies, and affect theory. Hannah received her BA in English and Art History from Swarthmore College in 2009. She works as Manuscript Editor at Critical Inquiry.

Teaching Experience: 

Lecturer in "Revising the Romance" (Fall 2016) and "Monsters and Men: Difference and Fear in Medieval England" (Spring 2015); Honors BA Preceptor for 2016-2017 school year; CA for "Shakespeare I: Histories and Comedies," "King Arthur in Legend and History," and "Medieval English Literature."