Rebecca Oh


Research Interests: 

Postcolonial and global Anglophone literature, postcolonial theory, diaspora and migration studies, political theory, feminist theory, climate change and the Anthropocene, novels.


Co-Coordinator, Gender and Sexuality Studies Workshop, 2014-15


Rebecca Oh grew up in the college town-cum-tourist destination of Williamsburg, VA and received her undergraduate degree in English/Modern Studies from the University of Virginia in 2010, graduating summa cum laude. Her undergraduate thesis with Michael Levenson explored migrant subjectivity and identity in the British South Asian diaspora and she prefers to combine literary study with the insights of social science, particularly anthropology, political theory/philosophy, and sociology. At the University of Chicago she studies 20th and 21st C postcolonial and global Anglophone literature and is particularly interested in migrancy, re-theorizing the nation-state, political subjectivity, human rights, and the Anthropocene.

Teaching Experience: 

Course Assistant for Introduction to Fiction, Winter 2015 (Kenneth Warren)