After the BA

My study of English literature at the University of Chicago has been invaluable to my work as a diplomat.  In international diplomacy, so much can depend on understanding national or regional narratives and cultures, recognizing the innumerable subtleties of language, and appreciating the modalities of communication through various media. The English curriculum at the University of Chicago afforded me a rich intellectual atmosphere in which to explore such topics, and I look back upon my studies with only the greatest fondness.

Christopher Ellis

Undergraduate Careers

An English BA from at the University of Chicago opens up a variety of professional opportunities. Many of our graduates go on to study in prestigious graduate programs, in everything from English to law and medicine. Other English BAs use the linguistic, writing, and critical skills they have honed as undergraduates at Chicago to land jobs in fields like education, journalism, new media, publishing, public relations, technical writing, consulting, and advertising, among others. Recent graduates work everywhere from Basic Books to Google and from the Chicago Public Schools to the U.S. Department of Treasury.

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