Christina von Nolcken

Associate Professor, Emerita
Department of English

Did you have a favorite class or text in college? What made it your favorite?  

Old English Philology.  I liked the patterns.  My favorite text was Beowulf.  

What would you have liked to tell the 20-year-old version of yourself about college?  

To read more widely.  

Did you go straight to graduate school after college?  


What made you decide to specialize in your current subfield in English?

I seemed to have a knack with things medieval and became increasingly absorbed by the material I read.  

What is the most intriguing or quirky idea that you have learned from your recent research?  

That I am now most interested in people's life stories—not quirky, but where I am.

What is your favorite work of literature to teach to undergraduates?

I have three, The IliadBeowulf, and The Canterbury Tales.

What do you like best about teaching college students at the University of Chicago?

Their willingness to be interested in just about anything.