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During my time in London I was introduced to not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but to an author who would shape the rest of my college career: the inimitable Virginia Woolf. Having read “A Room of One’s Own” casually in high school, and still unsure of what area to focus on in my English major, I had no idea what to expect when faced with such a seemingly mythical creature as Woolf. As I quickly familiarized myself with her lilting turns of phrase, and the stunning work of Woolf’s companions in the Bloomsbury group, however, I unearthed an unexpected but strong interest in the 20th-century writer. By the time finals rolled around, I was able to write a piece that I can now, in retrospect, recognize as my most intensive and detailed work at the college level to date. Upon returning to campus, I brought this new interest with me, and even went so far as to use my London paper as the basis for my senior BA thesis. So, whether it be Chaucer or Shakespeare or even Woolf who tickles your fancy, in my experience, studying abroad is the surest way to both broaden your view of the world, and to narrow your course of study.

Comfort Clinton
London Program

London Program (Autumn)

Study AbroadThe London Program provides students in the College with an opportunity to study British literature and history in the cultural and political capital of England in Autumn Quarter. In the ten-week program, students take four courses, three of which are each compressed into approximately three weeks and taught in succession by Chicago faculty. The fourth course, in which students develop their own projects, is conducted at a less-intensive pace. The program includes a number of field trips (e.g., to Cornwall, Bath, Canterbury, Cambridge). It is designed for third- and fourth-year students with a strong interest and some course work in British literature and history. While not limited to English or History majors, such students will find the program to be especially attractive and useful. English and History courses are pre-approved for use in their respective majors. Applications are available online via a link to Chicago's study abroad home page and are normally due in mid-Winter Quarter.

Other Study Abroad Programs

There are numerous study abroad programs sponsored by the University of Chicago at other universities all over the world. Many of these programs focus on academic work in the humanities; in particular, the University has a number of programs at institutions in England and Ireland at which undergraduates in the Department of English can study British and Irish literature.