English Department Events

Autumn 2018 Events

October 16 at 5pm: Major Open House (Rosenwald 405)

October 17 at 4:30pm: BA Check-in (Rosenwald 405)

October 16 at 7pm: Frankenstein Film Fest: Young Frankenstein, dir. Mel Brooks (Rosenwald 011)

October 24 at 4:30pm: Third-year Cohort Meeting with Prof. Benjamin Morgan, the Director of Undergraduate Studies (Rosenwald 011)

October 25 at 7pm: Frankenstein Film Fest: Frankenstein, dir. James Whale (Rosenwald 011)

October 30 at 7pm: Frankenstein Film Fest: Bride of Frankenstein, dir. James Whale (Rosenwald 011)

December 6, 2-5pm: Reading Period Write-In: Free coffee, hot chocolate, and pastries! (Rosenwald 405)

Winter 2019 Events

January 16 at 6:30pm: Film Screening: Oliver Twist, dir. David Lean, 1948 (Rosenwald 405)

January 22 at 5pm: London Program Information Session with Dana Currier, Assistant Director of Study Abroad (Rosenwald 405)

February 27 at 6:30pm: Film Screening: The Importance of Being Earnest, dir. Anthony Asquith, 1952 (Rosenwald 405)

February 28 at 5pm: Cluster Statement Q&A with DUS Prof. Benjamin Morgan and SAA Angeline Dimambro (Rosenwald 405)

March 10 at 4pm: Apocalyptic Double-Feature: Planet of the Apes, dir. Franklin J. Schaffner, 1968; Night of the Living Dead, dir. George A. Romero, 1968 (Stuart 104)

March 11 at 12pm: Guilty Pleasures Lunch Series with Prof. Mark Miller: "The End of the World, America 1968: Planet of the Apes and Night of the Living Dead" (Rosenwald 405)

Amid the social and political turmoil of America in 1968, these two classic genre movies imagine worlds of radical transformation in apocalyptic terms. After a Creature Double Feature on Sunday night, let's talk about signifying monkeys, zombie culture, and the political imaginaries of these groundbreaking films. Guilty Pleasures is a series of informal conversations for English undergraduate majors and friends

March 12 at 7pm: Film Screening: A Quiet Place, dir. John Krasinski, 2018 (Rosenwald 011)

March 15, 2-5pm: Reading Period Write-In: Free coffee and pastries! (Rosenwald 405)

Spring 2019 Events

April 17 at 5pm: BA Info Session (Rosenwald 405)

May 24 at 5pm: End-of-Year Party & BA Reading (Rosenwald 405)