Our Biopolitics, Ourselves: Feminist Science Fiction

Spring 2016-2017

21310 / 41310

Hilary Strang

1970s feminist theory made a significant conceptual move in provisionally bracketing off biological sex from the historical/cultural work of gender. Feminist science fiction (in contrast), in its brief flourishing in the 70s and early 80s, finds its utopian moments in the biological, in genetic manipulation, reproductive technology, ecological forms of being and new bodies of a variety of kinds. This class will read science fiction, feminist theory and current critical work that concerns itself with bios, biology and biopolitics in order to ask questions about the divide between nature and culture, what’s entailed in imagining the future, what gender and genre have to do with each other, and just what science fiction is and does anyway. Authors may include: Le Guin, Russ, Butler, Piercy, McIntyre, Haraway, Malabou, Fortunati, James, Rubin, Firestone. (H)