20/21st Century British Literature


In this field at Chicago, as at many institutions, faculty and students often work across national cultures and disciplinary divides, using a variety of critical paradigms. This is true for the very strong groups in film and media studies, modernist and contemporary poetry and poetics, cultural studies, twentieth-century theory (particularly Frankfurt School of aesthetics and feminist and gender theory), and fiction and popular culture listed under the Americanist heading. Many of these faculty members direct projects and offer courses on Continental and British materials in addition to their work in American.

The Department frequently collaborates with colleagues in History, Anthropology, Political Science, South Asian, East Asian, Comparative Literature, and the Center for Latin American Studies, for both curricular offerings and the direction of oral examinations and dissertations in colonial and postcolonial literature and theory and transnational and global literatures and cultures. Resources are particularly strong for students interested in South Asian, East Asian, African, and Latin American or Caribbean cultures as these form parts of British and Anglophone literary cultures.




Bill Brown

Bill Brown

Research Interests: Research Interests: Marxism | Cinema Studies | History of Literary Criticism | Literature and the Arts | The Novel | Urban Studies | Visual Culture and Iconography

Maud Ellmann

Research Interests: Feminism |Gender and Sexuality| Psychoanalysis| Irish Literature| Twentieth-Century British Literature| European Modernism| Animal Studies| Poetry and Poetics| The Novel
Elaine Hadley

Elaine Hadley

Research Interests: Historicism (Old and New)| Romantic Literature |20th c British Literature| Victorian Literature| Drama | History of Ideas| Literature and the Arts |Nonfiction Prose | Political Theory | The Novel | Urban Studies

Patrick Jagoda

Research Interests: Critical Theory | Contemporary Literature | Cinema Studies | Cultural Studies| Digital Humanities | Game Studies | History of Science | Literature and Philosophy | Literature and the Arts
Lawrence Rothfield

Lawrence Rothfield

Research Interests: Cultural Policy Studies |Victorian Literature |History of Science |History of the Disciplines | The Novel

Lisa Ruddick

Research Interests: Modernism | The Novel | Literature and Psychoanalysis | Literary Theory since 1975 | The Psychology of Groups
von Nolcken

Christina von Nolcken

Research Interests: Medieval Literature | History of Ideas | History of the Book | History of the English Language | Literary History