Joint PhD Programs

Students seeking a joint PhD in a program other than TAPS may petition to be admitted into a second department only after completing at least one year in a Ph.D. program.

Students in the Division enrolled in a doctoral program may be permitted to pursue a joint program with another doctoral program in the University leading to a joint degree in both programs. Students admitted to such a joint program pursue a specific course of study depending on their research and professional interests and must satisfy all the requirements of both doctoral programs.

Permission to pursue a joint degree is a privilege extended only to those students who have demonstrated in their work a record of uncommon excellence and who can convincingly demonstrate that they will be able to complete the requirements for each of the two degrees within the maximum time period a student is accorded enrollment status.

Students interested in such a course of study should begin by discussing this option with their Director of Graduate Studies followed by a conversation with Director of Graduate Studies in the other program.  They should subsequently meet with the Assistant Dean of Students for Admissions to discuss their interest and the process to petition for the joint degree.