BA/MA Option

Current University of Chicago undergraduate students have the opportunity to add a Master of Arts degree in the Division of the Humanities to their current course of study through one of the College's joint BA/MA offerings. BA/MA students complete two degrees in four or five years, and up to 300 units of credit may count towards both degrees. Students are eligible to apply college aid towards MA tuition in their fourth year. 

Program Options

BA/MAPH - Master of Arts Program in the Humanities

Enables students to do one year of rigorous research in a field of their choice or to pursue interdisciplinary work. Students can also pursue two years of in-depth language study. The main contact for MAPH is Associate Director of MAPH Maren Robinson (

BA/MA Program in Middle Eastern Studies

Designed for students who wish to obtain a broad knowledge of the Middle East through two years of language and area studies. The main contact for the MA Program in Middle Eastern Studies is Director of the MA program Dr. Paul Walker (

BA/MA Program in Digital Studies of Language, Culture, and History

Combines technical and humanistic courses. Students explore areas such as textual analysis, computational linguistics, historical or cultural studies, and digital arts and media. The main contact for the MA Program in Digital Studies is Faculty Director David Schloen (