Renaissance and Early Modern

The Department features a vibrant community of faculty and students whose research focuses on the Renaissance and early modernity in England, from the Tudor period to the late seventeenth century. We collaborate in our long-running Renaissance Workshop, which provides a forum for exchanging ideas and presenting new work rigorously and collegially. The strengths of our faculty include comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives on the poetry, drama, and prose of the English Renaissance, with close attention to the intersection of formal, historical, and philosophical modes of study. Timothy Harrison focuses on literature and its relationship—both historical and conceptual—to the life sciences, philosophy, and theology; Ellen MacKay works on performance as a domain of social risk and social formation in early modern England and the early Americas; Noémie Ndiaye focuses on drama in Western Europe (England, France, and Spain) and its participation in the social, political, and cultural struggles of early modernity, especially those pertaining to race; Joshua Scodel works on Renaissance literary history’s relation to the classical tradition and to intellectual and political history. The study of the Renaissance at Chicago is enriched by the teaching and workshop participation of emeritus professor Richard Strier (who works on religion, politics, Shakespeare, and the lyric).

Faculty Members

Tim Harrison

Timothy Harrison

Research Interests: Critical Theory| Renaissance and Early Modern Literature| History of Ideas | History of Literary Criticism| History of Science | Literary History | Literature and Philosophy| Nonfiction Prose
Ellen MacKay

Ellen MacKay

Research Interests: Renaissance and Early Modern Literature | Digital Humanities | Drama
Ndiaye Headshot

Noémie Ndiaye

Research Interests: Renaissance Literature | Critical Race Studies | Performance studies | Visual Culture | Comparative Literature | Translation | Cultural Studies | Gender and Sexuality
Joshua Scodel

Joshua Scodel

Research Interests: Renaissance and Early Modern Literature| History of Ideas |History of Literary Criticism | Literature and Philosophy |Political Theory

Richard Strier

Research Interests: Renaissance Literature and Thought; Literature and Philosophy | History of Literary Criticism | Poetry and Poetics