Global Anglophone



Sophia Azeb

Research Interests: African American Literature and Black studies, Postcolonial/Decolonial, Cultural Studies, Translation, Theories of Diaspora and Decolonization, and Global Anglophone
Maud Elllmann

Maud Ellmann

Research Interests: Feminism |Gender and Sexuality| Psychoanalysis| Irish Literature| Twentieth-Century British Literature| European Modernism| Animal Studies| Poetry and Poetics| The Novel
Edgar Garcia

Edgar Garcia

Research Interests: Critical Race Studies| Marxism| Psychoanalysis|Theories of Diaspora and Decolonization |Contemporary Literature| Animal Studies | Literature and the Arts | Translation |Visual Culture and Iconography
Loren Kruger

Loren Kruger

Research Interests: Critical Theory | Theories of Diaspora and Decolonization | African Literature in English | Drama and Performance in Africa, the Americas, and Western Europe | Modern Drama and Performance | Translation | Urban Studies