Ingrid Becker


Research Interests: 

20th and 21st century Anglo-American literature; poetry and poetics; literature and sociology

Graduation Year: 


Dissertation Title: 



20th/21st Century, Poetry & Poetics, Historical Capitalisms


Double Review of Look by Solmaz Sharif and The Work-Shy by Blunt Research Group, Chicago Review, (Fall 60:04/ Winter 61:01) 2017.


Ingrid is currently a postdoctoral Social Sciences Teaching Fellow at the University of Chicago. She completed her PhD in the English Department in September 2019 and holds previous degrees from Boston University (BA) and the University of Oxford (MSt). Her dissertation presents a new cultural history of the intimate relationship between literature and sociology since the early twentieth century. Assembling an original archive of works characterized by what she calls "sociopoetics"--a self-conscious recombination of literary and sociological methods and forms--the project animates encounters between frameworks for understanding human beings and their actions both empirically and imaginatively, as a matter of collective fact and individual feeling.

In her spare time, Ingrid is an amateur student and performer of classical modern dance.

Teaching Experience: 

Lecturer for “Social Fact / Human Feeling: Documentary and Literary Forms in the 1930s” (Fall 2016).

Course Assistant for the Summer Research Institute for the Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (with Deborah Nelson, James Sparrow, and Nora Titone, Summer 2018); "Introduction to Fiction (with Ken Warren, Winter 2019); "Introduction to Drama" (with John Muse, Fall 2018) “Human Rights Witness” (with Sonali Thakkar, Spring 2016), “Objects, Things and Other Things” (with Bill Brown, Fall 2015), and “Introduction to Poetry” (with Lisa Ruddick, Fall 2014).

Writing Instructor for the Warrior-Scholar Project (Summer seminars 2016-2019).