Michal Zechariah

Humanities Teaching Fellow
Cohort Year: 2015
Research Interests: Early modern literature, history and philosophy of emotion, ethics


In my research and teaching, I focus on how early modern British literature contributed to a longstanding discourse on the ethical role of emotion and shaped subsequent understandings of the emotions in moral life. In 2019 I founded and led an interdisciplinary workshop on Affect and the Emotions to foster conversation on these related subjects across the University community. I am currently (2020-21) a Doctoral Fellow at the Franke Institute for the Humanities.

My teaching spans a wide range of disciplinary interests, and in addition to teaching in the Department of English I have also taught in Linguistics, and the Humanities Core program. My self-designed course, “Early Modern Love: Eros in British Literature 1500-1700,” received the Nicholson Teaching Fellowship in 2018.

Dissertation Title

Unmoved Emotions in Shakespeare and Milton