Poetry and Poetics


Jim Chandler

James Chandler

Research Interests: 18th Century British Literature | Irish Literature | Romantic Literature | Cinema Studies | History of Literary Criticism | Literary History
Alexis Chema

Alexis Chema

Research Interests: Gender and Sexuality | Eighteenth-Century British Literature | Romantic Literature | Victorian Literature | History of Ideas | History of the Book| Literary History | Literature and Philosophy | Literature and the Arts | Visual Culture and Iconography

Maud Ellmann

Research Interests: Feminism |Gender and Sexuality| Psychoanalysis| Irish Literature| Twentieth-Century British Literature| European Modernism| Animal Studies| Poetry and Poetics| The Novel
Rachel Galvin

Rachel Galvin

Research Interests: Theories of Diaspora and Decolonization |AmericanLatino Literature| Twentieth-Century American Literature| Contemporary Literature | European Modernism| Literary History| Literature and the Arts| Poetry and Poetics| Translation
Edgar Garcia

Edgar Garcia

Research Interests: Critical Race Studies | Marxism | Psychoanalysis | Theories of Diaspora and Decolonization | Contemporary Literature| Animal Studies | Literature and the Arts | Translation | Visual Culture and Iconography
Tim Harrison

Timothy Harrison

Research Interests: Critical Theory| Renaissance and Early Modern Literature| History of Ideas | History of Literary Criticism| History of Science | Literary History | Literature and Philosophy| Nonfiction Prose

Lisa Ruddick

Research Interests: Modernism | The Novel | Literature and Psychoanalysis | Literary Theory since 1975 | The Psychology of Groups
Joshua Scodel

Joshua Scodel

Research Interests: Renaissance and Early Modern Literature| History of Ideas |History of Literary Criticism | Literature and Philosophy |Political Theory

Richard Strier

Research Interests: Renaissance Literature and Thought; Literature and Philosophy | History of Literary Criticism | Poetry and Poetics