Latinx/Indigenous/Comparative Americas



Lauren Berlant

Research Interests: Cultural Studies | Critical Theory | Historicism| Psychoanalysis| Aesthetics of the Case and the Exemplum | Theory and History of Citizenship, Decolonization, Migration | African American Literature and Black Studies | 19th/20th C American Literature
Rachel Galvin

Rachel Galvin

Research Interests: Theories of Diaspora and Decolonization |AmericanLatino Literature| Twentieth-Century American Literature| Contemporary Literature | European Modernism| Literary History| Literature and the Arts| Poetry and Poetics| Translation
Edgar Garcia

Edgar Garcia

Research Interests: Critical Race Studies | Marxism | Psychoanalysis | Theories of Diaspora and Decolonization | Contemporary Literature| Animal Studies | Literature and the Arts | Translation | Visual Culture and Iconography

Michael Murrin

Research Interests: Heroic Literature | Historicism (Old and New) | Colonial and Postcolonial Literature |Medieval Literature | Irish Literature | History of Literary Criticism | Poetry and Poetics| Travel Literature