Graduate Research Symposium

Ros 405

Graduate Research Symposium

Graduate Research Symposium

Friday, December 1st, Rosenwald 405

1:30-1:35: Welcome!

GENRE & STYLE (1:35 to 2:55)

Jacob Biel, “Laundering Character: Equiano and the Epistemology of the Elect” 

Dana Glaser, “Meaning It Literally”

Will Thompson, “Free Indirect Discourse and the Problem of Other Minds in Austen’s Northanger Abbey

Tyler Lutz, “Unruling the Earth: Empire in the Cartographic Void”

2:55 to 3:10: Break

ACTION & PERFORMANCE (3:10 to 4:30)

Gasira Timir, “George Lewis’ Invisible Hand”

Alyssa Mulé “Hecuba’s Conscience-Catching Mirror: Euripidean Echoes and Audience Catharsis in Hamlet

Jasper Burget, “Clarissa's Account-Book” 

Michael Stablein Jr., “Trigger Masculinity: Aiden Hale and the Shooting in Nashville”

4:30: Reception!