Tyler Lutz

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Cohort Year: 2022


I’m an environmental humanist committed to carefully charting the mutual entanglements among literature, natural science, and the nonhuman surround as perhaps our last best chance to outwit the crisis of imagination we call global warming.

My work principally engages anglo-, franco-, and germanophone texts of the late 19th century. I’m suspicious of easy binaries and strive to pursue a deliberate methodological pluralism.

Key points of interest include: randomness, chaos, and the aleatory, as both counterweights to and inevitable products of measured, sober rationality; literary intimations of totality—in the guise of the social, the ecological, or the cosmic—and of its impossibility, as ahistoricity, sublimity, or mere infinitude; and literary form as a site of contact and contestation particularly between ethico-normative and music-aesthetic registers of meaning-making.